overall format; score moves when in play mode

• Jan 25, 2020 - 13:35

Yesterday while modifying a score, I think I hit some choice I didn't mean to and the placements of the palette and score jumped to new locations, and now I have to fix them every time I open any score. Plus, in the attached very drafty score I started yesterday, if you open it and put it on full-page (with the square in the top right corner), then hit play mode starting on measure 12, the page jumps when it gets to measure 17. I'm wondering whether these two things are linked, and how to (1) get back to my "normal" overall format and keep it that way like it was before, and (2) how to stop this jumping. Thanks.

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dreamy v1.mscz 15.26 KB


My best guess is you dragged the palette away from its usual dock location, and you need to redock it (eg, by dragging it back to the dock station, or double-clicking the title bar). But then, that doens't explain what you mean about fixing them every time you open any score. So, can you describe the problem in more detail? Perhaps with a screenshot?

As for the score moving during playback, it always tries to keep the currently-playing measure fully in view. So as long as you have all the measure you are playing fully in view, there should be no jumping needed. Zoom out if necessary, if you don't wish the score to need to be repositioned. Or turn off the "Pan score automatically" option on the toolbar, but then you may not see the measure at all while it plays, if it isn't already in view.

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