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• Jan 22, 2020 - 02:59

Hi Everyone,

Yet another repeat question. This is getting repetitious. Ha. Ha. This score is in rough draft so I can't upload it, but the problem is this: two systems, both ending in 1st and 2nd repeats. (voltas). I want the piece to repeat again from the end of the second system (the second repeat) to the beginning of the piece (the first system) and continue to the end of the first ending (or repeat) of the first system. I've tried various Da Capos but they either repeat from the beginning of the second system or not at all.

I've puzzled through the handbook on this but still can't figure it out. I know playback is a secondary consideration for MuseScore but I'm trying to use the correct annotation for the overall repeat.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I suspect the answer is, as usual, pretty straightforward but I'm just not getting it. Still using MuseScore 2.3.1 because of technical issues.




No reason to let draft status prevent attaching a score to a support forum.

DC should go to the first measure, unless you a section break somewhere.

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Hi Marc,

Thanks for your quick reply, as always. Here's a short mock-up score so the problem can be played through quickly.

What I want: The score to play the volta 1 and volta 2 of Section 1, then volta 1 and volta 2 of Section 2, then go from volta 2 of Section 2 to the beginning of the piece and play through only volta 1 of Section 1.

What happens: The score plays as expected but at the end (Section 2, volta 2) instead of going back to the beginning of the piece (measure 1), it goes back to the beginning of Section 2 (measure 5) and plays up to volta 1 (measure 6).

Removing the repeat barline from the end of the piece (Section 2, volta 2) results in it not repeating through any additional part of the piece. Changing the measure repeats doesn't seem to fix the problem.

There's probably an obvious solution. I must have the wrong markings for repeats or something.

Thanks for any help on this.


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