Custom time signatures

• Jan 21, 2020 - 11:19

A custom time signature (i.e. using the text field) does not display if immediately followed by a multirest.
This applies both to a signature created in the palette, and to using right-click-Properties.
It is also annoying that it is still not possible to enter a space in the denominator field using the Properties method.


Multirest issue: still true 15 months later. Note that to test this bug you may have to press M three times - the first press creates the multirest and shows the intended signature, the second reverts to separate bars, the third changes back to multirest but now shows the unintended underlying signature (as in the picture).

The "also annoying" denominator problem is no longer an issue.

In reply to by John Kilpatrick

Did you ever file an official bug report on this to the issue tracker? Someone probably should have suggested this back when you first posted this, but for the record, that's how we generally establish what to investigate and fix. Forum reports are good for getting confirmation something is truly a bug, and I can confirm this seems to be. When you file the bug report, be sure to attach a score and precise steps to reproduce - my first few attempts failed even after pressing "M" multiple times, so it's apparently a pretty specific sequence of events needed to trigger it.

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