font change to jazz font sqaures on menus

• Jan 20, 2020 - 02:37

I changed the font on my musescore software to jazz font which changed all of the menu wording to squares, all the words where changed into squares and nothing is readable. How can I change the font back without being able to read the menus? I tried to uninstall it and reinstall but it stayed the same, all the wording was squares after I reinstalled. Help! Thanks


I had the same problem, with the same font. I was expecting to change a font on the score, because the default font for some reason was "MS Shell Dlg 2", which is similar to MS Comic Sans Serif. I tried MuseJazz, and nothing changed on the score, but the menus became stretched out, the menu font size became tiny, and they would not scroll so longer menus are not even usable. I did the Restore Factory Default which worked, but there is still a problem. The default font seems to be literally going back and forth now, MS Shell Dlg 2 and Free Serif in every other document. All the documents are Lead Sheets. How can I just set one default font which sticks, and convert the old ones to that?

Ah... I just discovered "Reset Style". That seems to be better than Rest Factory Default. Don't know if it will keep the style for the next document but the current one is back to FreeSerif.

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