Systems/Margins issue on first page

• Jan 19, 2020 - 11:00


I'm having issues with systems/margins on the first page.

The problem that occurs is that when using staff spacers (down), the available space on page one isn't the same as the following pages (can't reach bottom margin with staff on page one).

I'm stuck with having really tight space between staffs on page one and also that I can't seem to use the whole page for layout.

Se attached pictures for more details.

EDIT: See uploaded file here for the undesired effect:

See also attached file "Total eclipse..." for the desired effect. I can't seem to duplicate that layout on the first page (with staff all the way to bottom margin) despite it beeing made by myself and same settings.

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I don't see any corruption in your file (maybe you could also add a page break to the first page, but isn't really necessary). And you can't really add a higher value of the staff spacers, so that it matches on the page?
Select the staff spacers again, either via "ctrl" or right click on a staff spacer->select->all similar elements. Play around with the values for length inside the inspector (don't use only the arrows to adjust it, also enter values in the field directly), to figure out the optimal value. What happens, if you enter a value of "13.00" or "12.80", higher or less (and so on...)?

(For the record: it isn't necessary to select all staff spacers, of course you can adjust each spacer individually, but so you will have the same distance of all spacers).

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I've tried all now and the problem persists... page one seems to be stuck with a lot of blank space at the bottom. I've attached the completed file and the spacers are "maxed out"; if I increase length on anyone of them, content shifts to page two.

page 1.jpg

See undesired effect below. Please note that when music is on page 2, it's possible to use all the page.

page 2.jpg

I've done a lot of sheets and I can't even seem to recreate this problem for a backwords workaround.

Might the problem originate from som kind of page setting that's conflicting?

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Hopefully just not being completely confused myself ;-), just noticed: could you also check, if you have the same behavior with the release candidate of MS 3.4.0 (
(Not sure about the reason, but I notice a different behavior beetween 3.3.4 and 3.4.0 beta (don't have checked the release candidate - with 3.3.4 it works for me if I delete the title frame, doesn't seem to be necessary with 3.4.0)

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Quickly checked: For me it works with both, beta and rc.

@atomadde: Bugs for actual/former releases won't be fixed, but they will fixed for the next release (as appearently happened here). Concerning your upload-request, it's a Hopefully will be fixed, if 3.4.0 is released.

I'm not understanding the perceived bug here. I see a bunch of scores, some of them happen to fit title and first system on a single page, others don't. Is there a particular file where you feel based on your current settings that it should fit but doesn't?

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Sorry for the late reply... been away.

In short; Some (unknown?) issue in version made it impossible to use spacers to increase staff distance all the way down to bottom margin. With newer versions the problem was no longer.

See example on my post " atomadde • Jan 20, 2020 - 15:30" and reply from e.g. Papibois directly after.

My conclusion was (and is probably wrong) that the title frame in version somehow made the availabe space on the first page lesser than it should've been according to the settings.

The file "Billy Joel - Honesty test.mscz" (some posts above) is displayed differently in newer versions.

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As I said, there are bunch of scores here and different possible issues being discussed. I can't tell what the perceived problem is. Please, in a response here, post exactly one score with clear step by step instructions to reproduce the issue. If you then experience another problem with a different score, please start a new thread for that. Otherwise it is too difficult to keep track of what is happening.

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