Cross-staff notation

• Jan 19, 2020 - 05:20

I liked Stravinsky's Firebird Suite and looked for an arrangement by Guido Agosti. When I try to write it down, I encountered a few problems. One was that a beam is stopped halfway through. The second one is attached in the picture. (I can't describe this second problem)
Thank you.


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M.S. Only has the ability to cross-staff by +/- one staff, standardly.

You can, however, pull a fast one and only cross-staff down or up one staff, and then put notes on the other staff, extend their stems to the beam, hide their flags, and disable automatic placement. Will also need to make sure that any rests on the in-between staff are considered part of the beam (beam middle in the palette) and then hidden.

If it only happens a few times in the score, this isn't too bad. If it happens all the time, enjoy your stay... etc.

To solve problem 1, the cross stave notes need to belong to the middle staff, then move the first 16th note one staff down, and the rest one staff up.

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