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• Jan 18, 2020 - 22:30

When I delete a key signature it doesn't disappear but shows greyed-out.
How do it get it to disappear completely (which is what I want) ?
Any help will be much appreciated.


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Score herewith.
I simply wish to delete the redundant key signature in bar 5.
The current Musescore Handbook reads:
"Remove a key signature
Use any of the following methods:
Click on an existing key signature and press Del.
Drag the empty key signature ("open/atonal") from the palette (in the advanced workspace) onto the measure."

The first method simply does not work - when I select the key signature and press Delete nothing happens.
For the second method I cannot find "open/atonal" in the Inspector palette (advanced workspace).
However, if I untick "Visible" in the Inspector, the key signature does not disappear but turns to a faint grey.

Hope this is helpful.

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To be clear, though, the ey signature in bar 5 is not redundant, key signatures are supposed to be repeated on every system, or else it will look like the score has changed to C. The only exception are some older hand-copied fakebooks, but this technique should not be used in arrangements.

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In that case, it will go away automatically. MuseScore knows how to take care of those details. In fact, marking it invisible le will interfere with that automation, because once you start customizing things, MuseScore will think it shouldn’t do the normal automatic things.

Highlight (click) the key signature in your score (turns blue).
In the 'Key Signatures' palette, double click on a signature which displays no sharps/flats.

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