Selecting any element of a staff restricts horizontal window size

• Jan 18, 2020 - 20:53
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First time reporting an issue, and this might be a feature...? but it's giving me problems and I feel like it warrants a report. My operating system is MacOS Catalina Beta 1.15.3

When I clicked on a thing in "About MuseScore" it put this in my clipboard:
OS: macOS 10.15, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 716655c

Steps to reproduce:
- open Musescore, not in fullscreen mode
- open any mcsz file and click on any object attached to a staff (e.g. a note, an expression, or even an entire measure, but not the title)
- try to resize the Musescore window horizontally

At this point, you should be able to change the horizontal size of the window, but not lower than a certain length. This minimal length depends on the object selected, and seems to scale with the measure that the object selected is in, but there's a lot of variation. I'll attach a test file but the issue seems to arise with any file.

This causes a problem for me when I try to work in Split Screen mode, as the Musescore window sometimes gets wider and wider until it gets kicked out of Split Screen mode.

EDIT: I forgot to say, my workaround was to continuously resize the window. Not a really great workaround.

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I take it maybe you have closed the palettes and/or inspector? On my system, the minimum size for the window is determined by the width of those two subwindows plus the tab for the score title, which makes perfect sense - unless you hide those two windows, in which case it seems more mysterious. Could be a Qt bug that making those widgets inactive doesn't remove them from the minimum size of the containing window, or it could be some flag we are setting incorrectly.

Still, the minimum size should be quite small, and merely not being able to make the window arbitrarily smaller wouldn't be a major issue it seems to me - unless you are saying the window size actually changes on its own ("sometimes gets wider and wider") which I've never heard of before and would be a problem indeed. Can you be more specific about how to reproduce that behavior?

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Hi Marc,

I had palettes open (not as a floating window) and inspector closed, but with them both open the behavior I observe is the same. In addition, I've closed all other toolbars and annex windows.

When I said "sometimes", I meant specifically the times when I click on objects to modify them (especially crescendo/decrescendo lines). Sorry about the ambiguity.

Here's a more specific context:
- open test.mcsz in fullscreen
- open a pdf file in Preview in fullscreen
- in Mission control mode, merge the two windows as a Split Screen. I had Musescore on the left, Preview on the right.
- click on the decrescendo in the first measure.

For me, this consistently kicks me out of Split Screen mode, and back into fullscreen mode.

I'm not totally sure what Preview or Mission control mode are, guessing they relate to macOS somehow? Maybe someone on that platform can investigate further...