Items not syncing between score and parts

• Jan 18, 2020 - 17:18
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I'm afraid I won't be able to list the steps that will make this reproducible, but I'm providing a file that is affected... And more if necessary.

Despite a project is finished without experimenting this issue (parts have been generated, a style is applied and their layout is fine tuned), it may occur afterwards when going back on it to make some refinements.

In more than 30% of the 45 scores I made for a band last months, modification an deletion of the items listed below in the score didn't sync in the parts (except the first on some cases), so it has to bee done for each:
>>Rehersal marks
>>Jump signs (D.S., coda...)
>>Lines (text ("VII"), prima volta...)
>>Texts (system and/or staff)
And maybe more. Notes (and related items), rests, chords symbols doesn't seems to be affected. Deleting and generating back the parts seems to avoid the problem, but is a massive loss of time (days, in my case) - this is why I consider it as a Major issue, and why I didn't checked the Workaroud box (more than 3 steps).

Thank you very much ,
Valentin Chabot

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If you mean, manual adjustments to the positions of these elements, that is by design. Most manual adjustments made in a score would not make sense in a part and vice versa - eg, moving a rehearsal mark to avoid a dynamic marking in the staff above. But the content should be linked for sure. So if you change the actual text of a rehearsal mark, it should be linked. Also, any style settings in the score will be inherited by the parts when you generate them, unless you have a separate style for parts set in Edit / Preferences / Score.

If you have a specific case where things seem to not work as they should as per the above, please let us know the steps.

Eventually, we do hope to someday support a way to automatically link even manual adjustments in specific cases where it might be desirable (and also, to prevent the linking where it might not be) - see for instance #25248: Add ability to explicitly break links between linked staves/parts and #25248: Add ability to explicitly break links between linked staves/parts.

Meanwhile, it isn't clear what it is you would want to do differently in the parts that you think might be helped by deleting and recreating the parts, or why that process would take days (should be minutes), but feel free to ask for help on the Support forum if you are having trouble. Normally it should be a very simple process.

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Thank you Marc,

I didn't meant it, It's not about position, size or color - I know these parameters are per-part specific as they should be - but about content and presence, indeed.

When I delete, say, rehersal mark "A" in the score, it doesn't desappear in the parts, or when I change the text for A1, it still shows A in the parts. In the score I've sent, can you try to rename mark "In" and see what happen? If the bug is not reproduced on your system, I could make a video or something...

I guarantee it's about a serious problem and not an expected behavior (why not already reported? I don't understand)

Thanks for the additional info. I can confirm that there appears to be a problem with this score in particular. I get error messages to the console on loading it informing me of various problems establishing the links. Without knowing how the score got into this state, it's hard to know how to proceed at our end, but I would indeed recommend deleting the parts and regenerating them. I am not aware of any similar reports, so any information you might be able to think of that could allow us to reproduce this in another score would be helpful. But to be clear: this should work and does in all other scores I've encountered.

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I use a template file that incorporates everything that all my scores for this band should have in common, as a base to get things faster.
When I had this issue for the first time, I created the template again from a new file, thinking that it used to be corrupted, and after a moment the issue came back again, and so on.
The only thing these template files used to have in common is the custom styles I apply each time to them.
I'll try to make the issue happen as early as possible during my work process and write a reproduction procedure.

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I've the feeling that this could be related to the use of different style files for different parts. Here is something that should work with the style files I attached:

>>New file, instruments: Bb Clarinet, Tenor Sax, Double Bass
>>Generate parts
>>Apply style 1 to the score, style 2 to the winds and style 3 to the bass
>>Create a rehersal mark, mesure 1
>>Save the file, close Musescore, open the file back
>>Modify the text in the rehersal mark and the title
>>Save the file, close Musescore, open the file back
>>Modify the text in the rehersal mark and the title
>>Rehersal mark now not synced in all parts, and title not sync in sax and bass parts

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I don't know if this problem has been taken into consideration but it seems that I cannot reproduce it since version
I'll let know if I encounter it again, despite I could be the only one affected! (I guess my work is not the most common here: writing for a Jazz combo with regular parts for the winds and chords-only ones for the rythm section, requiring different styles for parts from the same score)

Indeed, the score seems corrupt, probably some side effect of the various instrument changes that got it into this state. Best to delete and regenerate the parts.