Move (drag and drop) frame option

• Jan 15, 2020 - 15:52

Since you can drag a new frame from the left palette and drop it where you want it in your score it seems like that could be done for moving a frame that has already been edited/ filled. For example, I am working on pages
for students which have small pieces of music separated by vertical frames and text frames. Some of the vertical frames have images or pictures in them. If I want to change the order of something in the score it's quite the runaround. I have to insert new frames where I want them and fill and format them all over again. The cut and paste option for text sometimes works but all text size modifications or underline, or bold text are lost. And this option does not seem to always work, sometimes the 'copy' and 'cut' functions appear greyed-out in the edit drop down, even if I have selected text. Then I have to write the text in again. Images or figures have to be redone in the new frames from scratch. Then I have to delete the frames that I had wanted to just move.

I have no knowledge of programming but I am wondering if this might be a fairly easy feature to develop? That's why I thought it might be worth requesting. Thanks!


Moving an element in MuseScore normally does not change its "logical" position in the score (e.g., which measure it is attached to), it just adjusts its physical position. To actually move an element to a new logical position, one would normally use cut and paste. So that is how I would expect to do this. However, cut deletes the frame but paste doesn't insert it. That's probably doable. Feel free to submit that as a Suggestion to the Issue tracker (see Support menu above).

BTW, cut & paste for text does preserve formatting if you cut the entire text element, not just its contents. That is, single click it rather than double-click/select-all.

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