Sul ponticello etc.

• Jan 14, 2020 - 13:59

Is there an easy way to simulate "advanced" string techniques in playback, such as sul ponticello, sul tasto, col legno, etc.? The only "channels" I see for stringed instruments are arco, pizzicato, and tremolo. If it can only be done using the Mixer, does anyone know where I can find mixer settings for these special playing styles?


Well, your first step would be to find a soundfont that includes such sounds. They aren't part of the General MIDI standard, so neither the default nor most other common soundfonts will have them. but probably some specialty one exists somewhere you could find and install as per the Handbook (see "Soundfonts"). Then you can add an Instrument change from the Text palette, which gives you a new Mixer channel.

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Thank you for the info! I guess I thought that since these playing styles aren't really that unusual, someone would be able to point me to a specific resource (as you say, a soundfont) that has those sounds. But I'm just getting back into composing after several decades, so I'm not at all familiar with MIDI.

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I'm looking for molto sul pont (m.s.p.) and stationary bounce* for strings

*stationary bounce: Bounce the bow, at the tip, without any up- or down-bow motion, only vertical rebound.
Ideally, find the "sweet spot" where the bow will bounce itself, without impulses from the wrist or arm. A tighter bow helps.

And it seems that I can't find any soundfonts for them

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