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• Jan 12, 2020 - 23:25

I think that to reference an instrument from the instruments.xml file, it is done with the 'program value' command.
This loads the soundfont associated with the number we enter.
What I don't know, is how it is done from a secondary .xml file (new instruments).
How do you refer to load the soundfont we want?
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One doesn't reference a soundfont at all in the instruments.xml file. The <program value="" /> tag is indeed how the instruments.xml file defines which default sound should be used for that instruments. The value refers to the instrument ID in the General MIDI standard. (see for a list).

The system is identical when writing a secondary instruments.xml file.

I'm not sure whether you can select a specifc soundfont from within the instruments.xml file; it might be worth looking into how MDL handles this.

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I understand, if it does not appear in the midi standard list, there is no way to load the instrument in this way.
Then the most practical thing is to associate it with a defined instrument with similarity and then make the change through the mixer.
In this case the instruments do not appear in midi because they are native.
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