Problem installing on Chromebook

• Jan 12, 2020 - 14:42

I've been trying for hours to install this on a Chromebook - it's been hard to follow the online instructions as some information is only in the video and its hard to read the commands. Also this is based on an earlier version of the AppImage (3.3.0) and I'm on 3.3.4. I'm not technically minded so much of the discussions on the forum are meaningless to me. I tried the flatpak route but nowhere as something wasn't supported on my Acer Chromebook.
This is where I've got to with the AppImage installation - I have an app icon for Musescore showing in the linux app folder but I still can't run the app.
Can someone tell me what is wrong and how I solve it?

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Those "qml: STATE CHANGED" output really should not happen in any non-debug version. Should be something for the MuseScore developers to fix (see

Those http warnings would be something for the website admins to fix, it is inside some JavaScript on, it's apparently the thumbnails for the youtube videos that page links to. Addressed...

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See also for a process that results in more complete integration with ChromeOS - doing an installation that makes it possible to start from program icon, set up file associations so you can also start from by double-clicking a score in your Files app, set up to automatically save to your Drive, etc. Bonus is you won't see those console messages.

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Yes, definitely still works on Chromebook; it's still my main system. Also - for a long time only Intel-based Chromebooks were supported, but as of last month, ARM-based Chromebooks are now supported too. It's still an overall better experience for Intel since Muse Sounds aren't available for ARM. Either way, tyou do want to be sure to pick a Chromebok with a decent amount of RAM - 8 GB or more.

The link above is outdated; see this video for installation instructions:

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