When is the Euphonium getting its own Musescore_General sound?

• Jan 11, 2020 - 19:19

As far as I'm concerned, the Euphonium is still using the Tuba sound. The Tuba sound, in it's higher range is very loud and can be heard through an entire orchestra blasting fortissimos.

Sure, there's the option to download a Euphonium soundfont and save that to default but every time you would have to set the Euphonium to that separate sound whenever you make a score. I'm sure there's a workaround for that minor inconvenience but what does become a problem is that the soundfont likely isn't supported by someone on the MuseScore team so any bugs that occur with that sound become the user's problem. In addition, many soundfonts haven't added support for expressive dynamics so I doubt any Euph soundfonts have done so already.

Euphonium may not seem like a standard instrument worth getting its own soundfont yet it is standard within Concert Band, Brass Band, Marching and Drum Core (which is worth mentioning that Baritone Horn is essentially the same sound as the Euphonium), and it appears frequently in Symphony Orchestra music.


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Hmm, I'm no programmer but it sounds like a decent idea to redesign the MuseScore soundfonts. I understand the reason for basing it off of GM is for compatibility but seems like it's holding the program back convenience-wise. If I donate or buy pro, I wonder if they'd let me specify what developments that money goes to lol. Also with MIDI 2.0 now, I wouldn't be surprised if we saw an expansion to GM soon (yay!)

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Maybe they don’t need to update GM per say but they could release a new platform like GM with expansions. That way developers aren’t forced to upgrade and painstakingly fix upgrade related bugs. Most professional programs I’ve seen use GM in tandem with their own system to allow more flexibility. The drawback to this is cross compatibility among programs/keyboards is limited to just GM.

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I did a little research: According to Rol4nd, that sound should be in Trombone's 16th bank.
Unfortunately, it is not available in the Public-Domain or Personal-Sample archives.
Rol4nd has an abandoned 3.5 floppy archive (for old samplers). I did this by changing a sample set inside one of them => (L-5o2 BRASS VOL. 1) (http://llamamusic.com/s50s550/unusual_samples.html) These are not normally available. Requires either hardware or a custom converter.

This address is only accessible here. It is not possible to access from the site navigation: https://www.hedsound.com/p/euphonium-hedsound.html

Last night I was pleased to watch a PBS broadcast of Gerard Schwarz with an all-star orchestra performing Mussorgsky/Ravel - Pictures at an Exhibition. What'd'ya know? A euphonium was necessary! Oh well ... I guess we have no Ravels composing or orchestrating today, and if there are one or two out there they've surely got expensive tools to work with. Can you imagine the score telling the tuba player, "Use trombone mouthpiece, a really tight embouchure, play harmonics an octave higher than written!"

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Some trumpet players have for sure used smaller mouthpieces to play an octave higher.
My slightly older Sibelius lists euphonium, but as marching ensemble. It sounds almost exactly like the non-vibrato trombone. I can't say what other software does for the instrument.

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