strange, floating quarter rest

• Jan 6, 2020 - 17:15

There was a quarter rest that appeared outside of clefs, and it jumped around whenever I input data into certain notes. It also made a large gap between lines of clefs.

It won't let me delete it individually. I deleted measures one by one to find from where it originated. I then reinstated that measure and deleted all but that measure and saved it in the attached file.

For my composition, I deleted the problematic measure and then reentered the data therein, so the strange rest is gone now. But I'm sending this to you in case you want to fix the problem.

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a floating rest.mscz 6.34 KB


It's just an ordinary rest (the one on beat 5, top staff) which you appear to have dragged out of position. Just click it and press Ctrl+R to reset its position.

It's a rest of voice 1, so you can't delete it. But the offset of this rest was changed, so you can reset the position via inspector or shortcut ctrl+R.

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