”More” section of palette closes on clock

• Jan 4, 2020 - 19:34
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I had downloaded the master.zip from GitHub on 19 Dec., 2019, and compiled it on my Mageia 7. It works fine in general, but... When I need to add, say, a half-flat to a note using the Accidentals Palette, the instant I click on an accidental to drag, let alone to double click, the whole palette vanishes completely. Still, using the master palette to do the same works fine. I haven't tried any other extended palettes, so far.

Hosam Adeeb Nashed


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Not sure what you mean by "extended palettes", but do the regular palettes work correctly for you (eg, adding articulations)? My guess is you are missing something in your build, probably one of the QML libraries. Probaly best to ask for help on the development forum, or the developer chat on Telegram, to sort out your build issues.

The regular palettes work fine. Only the extended ones, for examples, when I click on the three dots in the Accidentals palette that I'm talking about.

Yes, I always need to mark WebEngine as OFF in the Make file. Otherwise, and after the compilation is finished, the installation exits with an error.

On the other hand, QML-based plugins still work fine, including one I had written (and submitted for M.S. 2, but didn't submit the v. 3 version).

I haven't tried to use the AppImage because it doesn't support Jack on my system (Mageia 7, though it does work on my Ubuntu installation), no idea why. And it also uses a different dir: the compiled version has created, and uses, MuseScore3Development/ while the AppImage uses MuseScore3/ within my Documents folder.

One other issue: whether in the compiled installation or the AppImage (I did try it now), daring to double-click the half-flat, rather than trying to drag it, I end up having the double-sharp with a down-arrow instead!!!!!

I'm not talkin about the Bravura that is part of the sources, but one that is installed (and WebEngine indeed is unrelated to the palettes)

Title Accidentals Palette problems ”More” section of palette closes on clock
Status needs info active

Also, double click is no longer needed, a single click applies the palette item. It’s true it also closes the More section, though, and probably shouldn’t. Drag works fine for me though.

Btw, regarding JACK, try making sure “ldconfig” is in your PATH.