Play w/ Left Hand, Play w/ Right Hand symbols in Master Palette

• Jan 3, 2020 - 17:28

In commercially printed music these partial brackets are usually two and one half spaces long. When I have tried to drag and drop the symbols from Keyboard Techniques in the Master Palette they drag over at the right size (two and one half spaces), but when I actually drop them onto a note they expand to four spaces. Also Automatic Placement does not seem to work for these brackets. Thanks for any help you can provide.


That's the size they are in that font (Bravura), it seems. And Gould shows them about that same size in "Behind Bars". So it seems it is at least somewhat standard to have them this big. If you prefer them smaller, you can add them as a text element using the Special Characters palette, then they are resizable,

Automatic placement works in the sense of allocating space and avoiding collision with other elements, The symbols on the symbols palette have no semantic meaning, so there are no other rules to follow in terms of coming up with an ideal default position.

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