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• Dec 28, 2019 - 04:44


I'm trying to get different dynamics for different parts, and it doesn't seem to be working. I'm working with two staves (the Grand Staff), and I often want to bring out one melody line or another,or have a quieter accompaniment. I assign the melody it's own part with it's own dynamics (set to "part") but it seems like the playback is inconsistent. For instance, I have a bass accompaniment, a melody, and a descant. I wanted to bring the melody out while having a quiet descant. I assigned each section (accompaniment, melody and descant) as it's own part, with it's own dynamic (set to "part", not "staff" or "system"). That didn't seem to work; one dynamic was influencing all three parts. I wasn't hearing the melody so I set it to FFF, and the rest of the parts to ppp. The result was all 3 parts playing at ppp. Then I changed the accompanying dynamic to "staff" and that let the treble staff suddenly play both part 1(the melody) and part 2 (the descant) at FFF (even though the descant, part 2, should have been ppp). So very inconsistent! How can I get different parts to play at different dynamics? (Ideally, part one in treble would be able to have a different dynamic than part one in the bass, but I'm not sure that's possible.)

Thanks for your help!

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Normally for the grand staff a dynamic can be applied to the entire piano part or to an individual staff by specifying 'Staff' or 'Part' in the Inspector.

You wish to have a quiet descant which resides on the same treble staff as the (louder) melody.
Using a hidden staff (another piano) playing the descant, see:
Dynamics problem2.mscz

Open the score and have a listen, then use menu item: Edit -> Instruments where you can put a check mark into the 'Visible' box to show the hidden piano.
The notes of the descant in the topmost staff were made silent in the Inspector because the hidden piano actually plays those notes.

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