Changing channel volume and panning during playback with midi events?

• Dec 27, 2019 - 19:19

Hi folks,

Maybe I'm just missing something very obvious, but how does one change channel volume and panning during playback? I couldn't find a way to do this with the mixer panel, is it somewhere else? Maybe one of the palettes?
To be specific, I'm talking about things like fading a channel in to simulate eg: Strings crescendo on a single note.



Are you sure it's the channel volume that is disabled? When I tried some MIDI out on my 32-bit system about a month ago, I had channel control, but not master. See: The answer at that time was that this was by design.

Over the years, we have seen growing support for MIDI within the MS application, but MIDI sometimes seems to be like the poor cousin who doesn't get invited to all the parties.

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Ah I was worried this might be misunderstood. So the sliders work fine. I can set them, and when I export midi from MuseScore it writes the correct volume change events at the start of the song so that the channels are as I had them when I exported.
What I mean is to change these values during playback and write the correct midi events:…
I believe the controller events are #8 and #10?
Sorry I don't know all that much about midi.
Anyway, my suspicion is that it is not supported which is very unfortunate but not wholly unexpected as I had a similar problem with the pitch bend events:
MuseScore is just such a good application for writing music so I often forget it's not really made for midi but rather for scoring. :S

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