I have a question about the Musescore Version 3.3.4 Revision 768abe.

• Dec 27, 2019 - 10:18

Dear people,
I have a question about the Musescore Version 3.3.4 Revision 768abe.
Answering my question is not a high priority because I think you are already very busy solving the printer problem with this version.
Question 1 at the palette window with version 3.3.4 is a small triangle for the various functions in the pallet. With the earlier versions I could just click on the function name to activate it. Now I have to click on that triangle with my mouse arrow. I find the addition of the corner not that useful and clicking on the function is easier. Can that be changed or that triangle removed and the old function I set

Question 2 When writing notes and wanting to raise a note with a cross or lower with a mole, in this version I am forced to first switch off the input function, then I can raise or lower the note. If I want to continue recording notes, I must always switch the input version on again. I find that a clumsy act. I think I remember that in previous Musescore versions that was not the case as I could raise or lower the note in question immediately. That saved an action. Can this option be applied again.
FredPaul Vogel


  1. Either single clik on the triangle or double-clock on the text, that is indeed new with 3.3
  2. arrow up/down should work, also entering the flat or sharp first, which, again, is new with 3.3

To be clear: what has changed with accidentals is the order of entry. It used to be first enter the note, then the accidental, but this was backwards from how other toolbar buttons (durations, dots, voices) worked, and also had the disadvantage of making you hear the "wrong" pitch first. So now these buttons work like the others: first select the accidental, then enter the note. Or, as mentioned, simply use the arrow keys, which is normally the preferred way to enter accidentals anyhow.

Not sure what printer problem you mean, unless you are using the AppImage on Linux, in which case, yes, it's a known issue with a pending solution.

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