Pages filling unevenly

• Dec 27, 2019 - 00:05

I'm scoring 12 staves per page. On some pages the image fits nicely re: page margins, staff spacing, etc.; on others, everything is different so the margins appear larger, the staff spacing is tighter, etc. I'm aware of 'last page fill" but can find nothing re: odd and even pages having the same margins & staff spacing. It seems the program wants to fit random sizes on any page. Can anyone advise me?

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For the record, page fill is never random. MuseScore puts as many systems on the page as it can given your "minimum system distance", then it stretches those systems out up to a limit of "maximum system distance". Some pages can fit more systems than others because the systems are less tall (variable number of staves, fewer lyrics, no markings high above/below staves, etc). In your case, you always have just one system per page, but some of your systems are taller than they need to be because you have hairpins overlapping dynamics (thus displaying underneath, and requiring additional space) rather than stopping short of the dynamic.

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