Is there an automated way to add "Capo 3 play E" text when I use capo chords?

• Dec 26, 2019 - 23:15

MuseScore has so many amazing features that I am probably lazy for asking for this, but:

I can go into "Styles" and specify a capo position, and TADA! the capo chords show up in parenthesis.
BUT I need to manually add staff text to the effect "Capo 3 play E" (or whatever the first chord is). Maybe YOUR guitarist can count the half-steps between the normal and the capo chords, but mine needs to be told.

Not hard, but if I subsequently tell MuseScore to transpose the song, I almost always need to change (or remove) the capo setting in styles - and then I need to manually change (or remove) the staff text.

I was briefly excited when I saw, but this is for capo PLAYBACK, not notation.

Is there any way to automate this, or should I submit this as a feature request? It seems like a standard part of capo chord notation. Ideally, MuseScore would automatically add the appropriate text before the first chord, and remove the text if capo position is subsequently set to 0

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