font size too small on toolbars

• Dec 23, 2019 - 01:21

fonts too small on tool bar???

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Normally the font sizes should be the same as other applications on your system, but due to how different systems handle scaling of resolution for high-DPI monitors, it doesn't always work out that way., It looks from your screenshot like everything else is normal size or at least much closer to it (the score itself should be "life-sized" when viewed at 100%). In which case the font size settings in Edit / Preferences are probably your best bet for fixing the fonts without messing up anything else. Sometimes setting the environment variable QT_AUTO_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTOR=1 helps also.

If everything is too small, though, the better solution is to use the command like option "-D xxx", where xxx is the resolution of your particular monitor (measure in DPI).

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Is there an article on this? I have the "everything is too small" issue. I didn't have this with the 32 bit 3.0 version, but the upgrade to 3.6 64 bit crashed me.

The only place I can find DPI is in Properties/Compatibility page. And I tried to add D200 on the Target line.

Merci pour ce JPG.
Mais les deux barres de menu sous la barre du JPG: Gestion partition, Zoom Affichage Lecture Tonalité commentaires ainsi que les saisies de notes altération silences....
Toutes ces icônes sont également minuscules.

I have the tiny font problem, but on a Lubuntu installation. I was able to resolve it by changing font size under ==>Edit==>Preferences==>Font Size. Thank you

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