Font Management Problems with Chord Symbols in Fretboard Diagrams

• Dec 17, 2019 - 11:55

In the attached score, the previous version of which I downloaded, I've added chord symbols and some fretboard diagrams. I can't get the sizes of the chord symbols to be uniform. If I Select All, then apply a font size, the chord symbols associated with fretboard diagrams come out bigger than the others.

I have had this problem before numerous times, and though I can't say for sure that it occurred with new scores I created myself, I would certainly think it did since that's mostly what I work with. However, I tried a test in a new score (created from the Jazz lead sheet template)(and also attached), and the fonts behaved perfectly, all changing in sync.

Note also, in the attached score, that clicking in the main tab on the chord symbol associated with a fretboard diagram causes Musescore to jump to the "Lead Sheet" part. So something is specifically fouled up in this score, though I'm pretty sure that the font size problem with chord symbols associated with fretboard diagrams is more general.


Hmm, well, I just discovered the global settings under Style/Text/Chord Symbols, which is what I always really wanted, but couldn't find -- probably because I was looking for it at Style/Chord Symbols. There are obviously still some bugs in the attached file #1, but maybe not so worth pursuing.

But I would assume that changing the global setting in Style/Text/Chord Symbols would not change formatting particulars that were set on individual chord symbols. So I was a bit surprised to see that changing the global settings kind of fixed everything. Can you explain the relationship and work flow between the global, and individual, settings?

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The style settings set the defaults for elements yet to be added. Elements already present pick up these new default if they hadn't already been customized. Any customizations you have already made will be preserved. You can press the "Reset" button next to that property in the Inspector to reset it to the (new) default. You can reset all customized chord symbols at once - right-click one, Select / All Similar Elements, then hit the reset button.

Notr you don't need to use the dialog to change most style settings - there is a 'Set as style" (icon "S") next to each setting in the Inspector. So, change the size of one until it's how you like, hit "S".

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