guitar part with TAB (delete normal staff)

• Dec 17, 2019 - 08:08

When I extract parts in a score, the guitars (normal staff in the score only) get parts that have normal staff with TAB combined.

What I need is: Score with normal staff (as is) but the guitar part only TAB. So, how do I get the normal staff deleted in the guitar part?


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From scratch, you can obtain that (but it's not really intended for, and you will notice a few quircks in the standard staff - note heads can come off the stems - however, it is solved with another layout, or by saving the file)

To do this, create a Tablature staff, then create its part.
Then, go back to Instruments editing ("I"), and modify - in the right column - the staff type, to display a standard staff type.
So : standard part TAB.mscz

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It's imported from GP.

What makes me wonder is: Why does it produce a part with TAB from a normal staff only guitar in the score? I couldn't find anything in Musescore's properties (or options? whatever it is called in the English version [I use the German version]) to define how parts are created regarding TABs for guitars). The werid thing is that in "edit -> instruments" the guitar is shown as with normal staff only, no corresponding TAB staff.

Hm, maybe it's because it was imported from a .gpx-file?

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Just saw your 2nd posting.

Yes, what I did in the meantime was creating a new file and copied the guitar in there.

What would be cool, would be a general feature in Musescore to have the option to decide with normal staff and connected TAB staff to show only one of them (or both) and have this independent form the general score in the part.

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"It's imported from GP."
"Hm, maybe it's because it was imported from a .gpx-file?"

That's right. Import a GP file results in what you see (standard + TAB in main score, and standard in one part, and Tab in second part)
If I recall well! :)

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