Nothing but Trouble with version "3"

• Dec 14, 2019 - 18:09

I had a piece I worked on over a couple of different sittings....I saved my score many times. Today, it's all gone, except the horn parts. ( first to be completed) I was not finished, no parts were generated. Can't find it anywhere.
So I started again with a few measures and saved the work...when I tried to reopen and continue, i am unable to play back or add any parts. ALL my SCORES are unable to playback. Clicking on a note to play will fade out all the elements from the palettes, etc. I had very little problems with Musescore 2....why is 3 so troublesome. I am using Windows 10, rebooting the computer is not helping....



I clicked on Playback and went to another task........maybe 1-2 minutes later the playback started....scared the life out of me. This is really unacceptable. Very much tempted to go back to "2"!

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