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Hello, I'm new to this site and hence I don't know how exactly it works. I started free trial a month ago and I accidentally forgot about cancelling the subscription to Musescore Pro. Can I get refunded, please? It would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.


You say "this site", but "this site" has the web address, and is the support site for the Musescore score-writing software. The (deliberately) confusing name "Musescore Pro" is that of a service on a different site, with the web address, with the (deliberately) confusing name "Musescore". It would be interesting if you could say what you service thought you were subscribing to with the "Musescore Pro" name.

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For the record, it might be confusing at first, but certainly not deliberately so. When the score sharing service was first created over 10 years ago by the original MuseScore team, for sharing scores made with the MuseScore notation software, it made perfect sense to call the site and to name the premium account MuseScore Pro. It's not impossible that the name might change someday, and the current situation could be explained better no doubt, but to say the name itself is "deliberately" confusing is, quite simply, factually incorrect. Spreading such false information does not help anyone.

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Allow us to doubt that. The search field on top of the MuseScore org site is in fact a search field leading you to the site selling the MuseScore pro account...
In Aug last year that field was removed for one week or two after a thread on confusing sites, then it was added again with no other explanation than "it needs to be there"
I can believe that is just trying to survive with no other goals than supporting a musicians community, I can believe that the MuseScore org is just there to help musicians (so that I have contributed by giving money to MuseScore (pure gift, not by buying an account)).
But saying that the confusion is not deliberate that's too much for me.

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Not sure why people have become so cynical. I don’t understand why no one seemed to think the naming of the service was “deliberately confusing” a decade ago when it was decided upon, but are willing to believe the intent of the founding team somehow changed retroactively just because you don’t like something about how a the search bar works.

To me, making such unfounded and hurtful accusations is a grave insult to the reputation and integrity of the amazing people who made MuseScore possible in the first place.

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To me, "MuseScore Pro" implies some kind of "premium version of" the music notation software – not a paid subscription level on a music-sharing site. The term carries certain expectations, if you will, that pleasantly turn out not to be the case. But, as you say, "too late to change it now."

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I'm not being cynical or hurtful, but I'd like to weigh in here. To me all posts in this thread have reasonable points, and I really suggest MuseScore BVBA to think about this thoroughly. It is not normal to have so many posts with no relation to the MuseScore software in the forum. These two sites are clearly confusing to, maybe everyone new. Changing MuseScore to Musescore for .com website, or setting up a well-hidden howto guide don't resolve anything. And frankly speaking, with all due respect, I haven't seen a single thing that has been done to clear this up.

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I don't find musescore pro a scam - I think it's a very good service. I know it allows access to all the users shared music so they're kind of not creating the scores themselves, but they are paying for one important thing - the license for the scores - so in effect with the premium service you are buying a bulk license to see and view all those music scores that people have uploaded.

Do you know how much it costs to buy each music score legitimately - not just popping down the library and illegally running a few scores through a photocopier.

If you go to other websites and buy scores they amount you can pay soon exceeds a musescore pro account. There are a lot more bigger scams I've found in sheet music purchasing than musescore - and in fact musescore is a brilliant service for people just starting to learn music and wanting to get in there and start playing a few of their favourite songs without the immense cost of having to buy a manuscript for each song or the guilt of photocopying the song and the artist getting nothing - at least with musescore they license the music and the artist gets paid.

I went to one sheet music website that was charging just to see the music digitally, to get it in PDF you had to pay extra and once you'd looked at the music on the page if you clicked refresh it would count that you'd seen the music and hide it again - also the PDF was limited to one viewing too (thankfully Ctrl+S worked to save the PDF). I did buy one piece of sheet music from that site because it was the only place I could find it - but I thought at over £5 for one piece of music that they restrict me to only see once and pay extra for the PDF was a bit over the top - plus I ended up with them spamming my e-mail inbox for months afterwards trying to get me to buy more music! I have to admit the song I bought was one of my favourite songs of all time and I've always wanted to try and play it on clarinet so it was worth the £5 - it was Salt N Pepa's Push It. So in fact compared to that site the musescore pro subscription is really cheap and extremely good value!

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They have this info right here, yetbthis just happened to me. I tried to canceland it looked like i didnt have a subrsciptkon anymore anyway as it states, "start free trial" I now know i was on the wrong app as an email alerted me to the fact that i was charged. Easy to cancel when you know how. So maybe not deliberately so, but they know its misleading amd have left it that way... deliberately.

this website is such a scam. I have the same problem and sent customer service like 7 emails on both websites, and never got a response.

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I signed up for a so called Pro account to be able to post more scores. Then as it turns out it was no longer necessary to have a Pro Account to post more scores. I ended up posting a discussion about Musescore on the wrong website and was sent over here and found this discussion which has actually confused me even more. But hey, confusion with Musescore has always been an established way of life. It's like get over it or leave it because things pretty much always stay the same.

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Not sure who sent you over or what you asked them that caused them to give you that info, but to be clear:

The website where you upload scores is The website where you can get an optional Pro account is The website where you go for questions about is, of course, Hopefully that clarifies things.

Hi please help the same thing happened to me and I need the money back, I have to use that Money to pay my school fees 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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