Stuck in Update Processing

• Dec 11, 2019 - 18:45

Yesterday I tried to Update my score, However, today it is still stuck in "Score being processed" with the circle going around and around. So I sent a message to about it but so far have received no reply. While I wait, could someone please try to View/Play the score to see if you get the same "update in process" message that I am getting.
Also, if anybody has any ideas about how to stop the update processing at my end, please advise.
Thank you.


Score is being processed.
It will automatically be displayed when finished.
Do you want to attach your *.mscz here? I can try if it's different for me.
Have you tried from the software (Save Online) or from .com?

In reply to by Shoichi responded to my problem and their only solution was to delete the score and upload it again. So I did and of course all the statistics and favorites were lost. But foolishly I tried to update another score and it is now stuck in Update processing. Does Update this Score not work anymore? Is it because Version 3 no longer supports scores that were created with earlier versions?

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