one syllabe doesn't get copied to clipboard

• Dec 11, 2019 - 08:53

Hi all,
Find herein attached the MuS file of "All I want for Xmas.." by Mariah Carey.
When one copies the lyrics to clipboard, the syllable "wait", first part of the word "waiting" on second line at m. 20, does not get copied over.
I've checked with Inspector [yeah, I've learned that Yesterday, ;-) ] and they both belong to [Voice #1], [lyric number="2"..]
Should I report it as a bug?


I thought it came from the tie on the first verse that has to be removed for the second verse.
But no, wrong track :(

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Not many people to answer you....
I kept looking and I think I found the reason for this weird behavior and a workaround.
The "wait" syllable corresponds to a note that in the first verse has no lyric. And it is the first verse that establishes the law to be followed for others.
If you put "I'm just gonna keep on waiting" in the first verse, all lyrics are well exported.
So here is the workaround I propose: In the first verse, above "wait" add a lyric reduced to a minimum like a dot for example and make it invisible in the inspector.
So by copying the lyrics into the clipboard you will have all the syllables of the second verse.
2-All I Want For Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey.mscz
If you have the courage to do so, report this bad behavior in the issue tracker

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Thanks Papibois. Indeed, not much of a reaction to this issue, probably because it's not a major one.
My objective was to verify that I didn't do some stupid mistake myself.
I think it's important to report it for the benefit of MuS, but I cannot provide a second example with same behaviour, so I'll have to leave it to the appreciation of the developers.

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