export to MP3 does not mute instruments when other instruments are soloed

• Dec 11, 2019 - 03:17

Version 3. I have noticed a difference in the way MuseScore handles instrument solos/mutes in export to MP3 versus the way MuseScore playback handles solos/mutes. When I export to MP3 with the mixer example on the left, and then listen to the MP3, I observe the MP3 export did not mute the instruments I that I left unchecked for both solo and mute. To get the MP3 export that I want, I have to use the mixer example on the right. Hmm. This seems buggy to me.

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By design? Whoa. If I want to export a rehearsal MP3 for just the sopranos and another rehearsal MP3 for just the altos, say, it seems logical to me to just “solo” the soprano and “solo” the piano in the mixer, then export THAT to MP3; and then, “solo” the alto and “solo” the piano in the mixer, then export THAT to MP3; and so on, making one rehearsal MP3 for each vocal part.

Are you really telling me that in order to make a rehearsal MP3 for just the sopranos, say, I have to “mute” the altos, “mute” the tenors, and “mute” the bases? Where is the good design in that? Why even have "solo" buttons if they don't work? When I cherry-pick which parts I want to make rehearsal MP3s for, I want to use positive logic in the mixer, not negative logic.

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Different people use the mixer for different purposes. But a common one is to use solo buttons just for testing, yes. They do work - where they were intended to work, while testing your score. Similar for, say, the temporary tempo or volume overrides provided by the play panel. Your usage is obviously different, and it's true the current design isn't optimized for your particular use case.

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Thanks! It was definitively my mistake, muting is working as expected. I'm using Mac OS which by default opens iTunes to reproduce audio files, but iTunes manages its own library by copying those files somewhere else, and they don't get updated if you replace them with new files having the same name. The first render of the audio I did was using "solo" setting, which didn't worked. Then I tried "muting" which appeared not to work only because iTunes was playing the initial file, not the newly rendered one.

I have a similar question for V3. I've always exported mixes for different vocal parts - like one part loud and all others softly, but this doesn't seem to work like it used to. Does export mp3 now ignore all the volume controls?
Can I make a mix without exporting separate part files and mixing in a DAW?

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