how to Repeat 4 bars 3 / 4 times etc musescore 3

• Dec 9, 2019 - 16:44

I am entering a piece and at the end there are 5 bars. The first 4 of these bars are to be repeated 3 times, on the 4th repeat the 4th bar is to be skipped and the 5th bar is played. The piece ends here.
I have placed repeat markers bounding the first 4 bars of the section and the result is as expected the piece plays one repeat of the section then continues through the 5th bar and ends.

I have read forum posts where similar efforts were being attempted but just cannot figure out how to do this, can you help me with the correct Musescore 3 process to achieve this please.


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If I can find a way to send you just the last page I will do so. I am not a musician and note that Jojo has replied pointing me to the correct terminology to find the solution in the manual. I will get back to you. Many thanks for your reply and for volunteering to help.
Eric Hargreavesa

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Thank you as always you are straight in with excellent help. What I was missing was the technical term 'Voltas' and finding the relevant sections in the manual. I am sure that following your link and subsequent links in the manual I will be able to get the measure sequence to work as required. Got to go out now so will let you have further feedback another day. Thank you again.

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