Measure numbers beginning anew at the start of subsequent movements in a multi-movement score

• Dec 7, 2019 - 13:25

MOLA (Major Orchestra Librarians Association) and other organizations, in their guidelines for scoring, suggest that measure numbers begin anew at the start of each movement of a score. For example: I'm preparing to publish a three movement composition. The measure numbers of the second movement continue, in order, from the first movement. I'd like to be able to have subsequent movement measure numbers begin with the number 1 rather than continue with numbering dictated by the number of measures in the entire three movement composition.
I can find nothing in MuseScore regarding how to accomplish this. Is it possible to do in MuseScore 3? Any help available? Thanks so much!!


Section breaks (in Breaks and Spacers) have an attribute on Right-Click that determines exactly that. In some previous releases, it didn't work; I don't know if it does in the latest. At any rate, you can always use "measure properties" on right click on the first measure of each movement to set the measure number back a movement's worth (and subsequent measures will follow).

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