cresendo/diminuendo over note in Musescore 3 beta 2

• Dec 5, 2019 - 20:28

i know this version of beta has it and it work but when i have to reset it to factory settings (due to that its not producing sound to my pc and the volume mixer doesnt show sound being made in musescore), the feature is gone. do anyone know how to make it work


If that doens't fix it, please attach your score. There could be any number of other reasons you are having trouble - like trying to get a piano to crescendo on a single note, which is just physically impossible. Or you might be using a soundfont that doesn't support it, so tell us also if you've installed any extensions or alternate soundfonts (see View / Synthesizer if you are in doubt).

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Works fine for me - I soloed the first flute and listened to the diminuendo in bar 10. To be sure, I also set the velocity of the "p" down to 10, to exaggerate the effect. This is with MuseScore_General, MuseScore 3.3.4. Whcih version are you using, specifically? See Help / About to get the version number.

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