BUG: Selecting View Mixer Disables View Piano Keyboard, Restart Required To View Piano Keyboard

• Dec 5, 2019 - 15:38
Reported version
S4 - Minor
  1. Open MuseScore
  2. Load Score
  3. Press "P" - Piano Keyboard appears as expected
  4. Select View Mixer - Mixer appears as expected, Piano Keyboard disappears, NOT as expected
  5. Press "P" again - Mixer changes appearance but Piano Keyboard still not visible, NOT as expected
    Press View - it shows Checks next to Mixer and Piano Keyboard but Piano Keyboard still not visible
    *See attached screenshot
    Try deselecting Mixer - Mixer disappears as expected, Piano Keyboard still not visible
    Try deselecting Piano Keyboard, reselecting Piano Keyboard but still not visible
  6. Select Help Revert to Factory Settings
  7. Go To Step 1, Repeat, same result:
    BUG: Selecting View Mixer Disables View Piano Keyboard, Restart Required To View Piano Keyboard
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You do not have enough vertical screen space to have the mixer and inspector docked and stacked on top of one another and also be able to see the piano keyboard docked below. You might try restoring (un-maximizing) and re-maximizing your window. That seemed to help in my case. You can also undock the inspector or the mixer or the piano keyboard.

Thanks to Matt and Geet for your replies. I have further tested the bug with these results:
1. I verified that Piano View was being shoved off the bottom of the screen.
Comment: This did not used to happen two updates ago---the Mixer View on the right stayed vertically bounded in the program window.
So this is a new aberrant behavior of the last two updates, from my point of view. 😶
2. Once the Mixer has been Viewed, the Piano View can not be brought back on screen, even when turning off View Mixer.
Comment: The Mixer View iteself pushes off the bottom of the screen with improbably-elongated slider bars. [see Screen Shot]
In fact I cannot even resize the main program window vertically with Mixer View On and Piano View Off.
Comment: If I were a Dev I'd check the Mixer View Window code---it seems to have come undone at the bottom bound. 🤔
That said, I am not a dev. 😊
3. Expected behavior: "P" toggles piano keyboard on and off at bottom of screen regardless of what's stacked on the right. Views on the right, including Mixer, stay bounded within the program window---use scroll bars if needed to view.

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Thank you to all for responses to this bug. Also for merging it with the relevant duplicates especially devs for fix.

I can now still partially see Piano at screen bottom even with Mixer open. I can see full Piano by manually selecting View, Full Screen. Works : )

Best Regards,