can't get my midi controller to work with musescore

• Nov 29, 2019 - 23:08

I just bought a new AKAI MPK mini play MIDI controller to use with musescore (and also Sibelius). Sibelius recognizes it immediately but musescore does not at all (the MPK shows up in the list of MIDI devices in the Sibelius program but not in the musescore program). I have both Sibelius and musescore on Windows 7 (my PC) and Windows 10 (my laptop) and have the same results. Any suggestions?


The most common issue people have is not connecting and turning on the device before starting MuseScore. So be sure to do that. If it still doesn't work, check Edit / Preferences / I/O and be sure your device is selected there, click Restart Audio and MIDI Devices if necessary as well.

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