Instruments not playing notes randomly

• Nov 29, 2019 - 03:28

I've a score that only has this problem with the MDL Snare & MDL Bassline. I place down notes, and it only plays some of them some of the time. For example, if I were to place down 8 eighth notes in a bar of 4/4, it would playback four random notes. Even playback to playback it's not consistent; sometimes it alternates, even! It's a bit weird, and it seems to only be those two parts. Screenshot (2).png The last few times, it does something like that. Makes no sense. Please help me fix this.


Part of MDL's features to make playback more "realistic" is that it indeed uses different recorded samples for the same notes. Not sure how fast your score is, but if some of those samples have slow attacks, then it could indeed be that sound is cut off before it really started.
Although I wouldn't expect a lot of slow attacks on drum notes...

I'm having literally the exact same issue. Random notes not working only on MDL snare and MDL Bass Line 5. Same thing, notes randomly picked and chosen to play, not always the same notes playing. Tried the whole new score thing, still the same issue. My snare part is phasing on single strokes, which means the software is triggering the same sample at the same time, for no particular reason.

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