Loud static plays over all sounds after opening Musescore

• Nov 29, 2019 - 01:57

When I open Musescore, every sound is accompanied by a static noise that is much louder than the noise itself. This applies to every sound my computer makes, even after closing Musescore. It stops only when I restart the computer. Does anyone know how to fix this?


What OS, what version of MuseScore? I'd suggest trying Help / Revert to Factory Settings in case something got messed up. If you continue to have trouble, tell us also what you see in Edit / Preferences / I/O.

I just resolved this issue on my end. My computer doesn't have static anymore, and it doesn't persist when I open Musescore (I've opened it once and tried it).

What I did was close out of Musescore, then go to Computer Management and restart "Windows Audio" under Services and Applications. It's worked for plenty of things before this for me, so it came to mind first. Let us know if that helps you out.

Replicated on 3.4.2 and whatever version of 3 I was using before. Win10, Dell XPS 13 9380, just updated all the drivers. Reinstalling doesn't fix the issue, nor does restarting the Windows Audio service. Help would be greatly appreciated.

Update: Restarting the Windows Audio Endpoint Builder service did clear the static audio. MuseScore now does not play any audio or move the playback cursor when playing, but the rest of the app functions. If closed while it tries to play, it stops responding. It eventually caused the systemwide static again, and restarting the Endpoint Builder service fixed that.

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What settings do you see in Edit / Preferences / I/O, and can you try others? Every system is different in terms of what drivers are present, so unfortunately I can't suggest anything in particular, but probably one of the other options will work. No need to try the JACK options unless you do have that installed and configured, but pretty much anything in the dropdowns is fair game.

Sorry to necro, but this might help the next person this happens to. This happened to me when I just installed the latest musecore in windows 10 on my laptop half an hour ago. I was able to fix it by actually using the windows troubleshooter.

Go to settings (Win key + I) > Update and Security > Troubleshoot > Playing Audio

According to my troubleshooter at least, that my audio format was not set to default. I think musecore might've tinkered with it? Either way it fixed the problem on my end.

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Since this thread has been revived, I'll chime in - I recently had terrible distortion when trying out a fresh install of MuseScore. In my case, the solution was to go to the Synthesizer (View->Synthesizer) and click on the Master Effects tab. There was an effect with extreme reverb set - don't know why or how - but clearing that effect solved the problem. I saved the no-effect setting as default and saved it to the score so that it hopefully won't come up again.

I am a Windows 10 PC user. I experienced this issue about a month ago, though I assumed it was because I use other audio software on my computer and that the applications were fighting over resources (namely FL Studio and Audacity). I uninstalled my copy of MuseScore 3 for a while, and the static went away. I had at the time downloaded the installer through chrome, then installed MuseScore 3 from that file. Just now, I tried installing MuseScore 3 through the Microsoft Store, and the application is working perfectly, even if I hop between audio programs. This is as specific my contribution can be, however, as in my previous tech troubleshooting rage I failed to note what version of MuseScore 3 I had in particular.

Let me know how to fix this like I'm a 5 yr old. PC. Static happens after I open Musescore and it's loud static on every app after I open Musescore.
Less than an ideal function.

This happens to me everytime I open Musescore and the only temporal solution i found was to run the troubleshooting for output sound from the sound settings of my computer (Lenovo Notebook).
- Open the sound settings
- Clic "troubleshoot" for output sound
- Choose output device
- It is not necessary to open audio enhancements
- Finally, the trouble shooting will find and automatically solve a sound problem

Sometimes I have to repeat this step everytime I restart my computer. Hope this works for everybody having the same problem

I'm a bit disappointed that the latest Musescore update has not addressed this issue, even though it has been widespread and there still isn't a structural solution. Every time I open Musescore, it's the static noise again for all computer sounds.

I loved working with Musescore up until now, but this just isn't worth it :-(.

Forgive me for the Polish language, but I hope you will guess what to click.
I think I found the best solution:


After that, you need to perform a one-time troubleshooting (as written by the people above) and on restart, musescore will not have access to changes.
Unfortunately for every other headphone, you have to do it all over again

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I have the solution! (or at least for windows11)

Whenever you plug in an external audio device (headset/headphone), usually there'll be a pop up if you haven't deactivated it, and you need to choose headphone! I've had this problem since I chose headset rather than headphone.

Alright well I have the same problem and it sucks. I don't know about anyone else but for me, all I have to do is unplug my headphones and then plug them back in. Muscescore opens... the static is there and super loud, it exist in sounds outside of musescore too, but when I unplug my headphones and plug them back in it fixes itself

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