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• Nov 26, 2019 - 04:01

It doesn't always happen, but periodically when I startup MuseScore and I go to input notes or listen to the playback, there is an extremely loud static noise that I hear that covers up all of MuseScore's audio.

Typically when it happens, the playback has a hard time loading. As a matter of fact, playback sometimes completely freezes MuseScore, even causes the application to crash. Usually happens when I have more than one instrument in a score. This bug can occur when there's one instrument playing, but not as often.

This bug causes my speakers to freak out, causing ALL audio sources to make a loud static noise. For example, if I used MuseScore and it made a static noise, if I move onto watching YouTube or making audio tracks on FL Studio, the static noise still follows even with MuseScore closed.

I know it's not my computer because I can run other rigorous software such as FL Studio without any problems.

I can see that this has been brought up before by other people:
However, it would appear that the issue hasn't been properly addressed.

Please fix! Thanks!


So far no one has been able to give any developers precise steps to reproduce the problem, and none of us has ever experienced it ourselves. So unfortunately, without additional information that would allow us to understand the source of the problem on your system, there won't be much we can do.

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Hi, I'm having a similar problem after downloading 3.6 (the problem was not present before I updated). Whenever I open musescore, my speakers play a VERY loud static noise. If I close musescore, the static stops, but if I try playing any other sounds on my PC (a youtube video, for example) the static starts again, even when musescore has been closed. If I restart my PC and open youtube, there isn't static, but as soon as I open musescore, the static comes back. I tried deleting and redownloading 3.6 but the same problem occurred.
I ran troubleshooter with musescore open and the static going. Troubleshooter fixed the problem, which was "Audio format not set to default."
It seems that when I open musescore, the program edits the audio format and that is what causes the static. Is there a way to prevent musescore from doing that?

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Here's the steps I take to reproduce this problem - this isn't the only way it happened, but it is one pattern I could pick up on:
On MacOS Big Sur:
Install MuseScore-
Open a score that includes chord symbols & notes e.g. the score attached (not my score, from another forum post)
Edit something
Click on the chord symbol to hear a preview
Static starts to play instead

Settings in Preferences > I/O:

I have been having the same issue recently after downloading musescore on my new laptop. I have no clue why this is happening and I found the only thing causing the problem was musescore. It worked fine on my other computers, but for some reason it hates this one and I don't know why.

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I can reliably reproduce this problem every time when opening a specific score. Do you want to see a screen share? It is very frustrating because the problem continues on the computer even after the program is closed. The volume of the static is much louder in one side of the stereo field then the other. Also, it seems to only be a problem when actual sound is playing on the computer.

I experience this problem as well. MuseScore3.6.2.548021803. Windows 10.

All preferences are set to factory default, I haven't changed anything.
Device onboard speakers
No MIDI enabled
Jack audio server disabled

Resetting the audio settings makes no difference. The static noise also affects all other audio.

Other programs that are loaded with audio capacity on my computer
Ableton live
None of them are running at the moment when the issue occurs

Zoom meetings was open, but has been closed in the past

Audio drivers installed apart from the standard windows issued ones
ASIO 4 all

I tried to upload a video of the sound as it happens, but cannot get the upload function here to take it.

I'm having the same problem. Occasionally I'll be running one of my media players (VLC) and start MuseScore3, I hear static from that point forward. I have to restart PulseAudio twice and restart VLC. To fix the problem permanently, I have set MuseScore to use ALSA Audio (Edit->Preferences->I/O) and this seemed to work to fix it. I think the problem is with PulseAudio. I have found other issues with PulseAudio with other applications.

Pulse Audio Restart Command: 'sudo killall pulseaudio && sudo alsa force-reload && sleep 2 && sudo killall pulseaudio && sudo alsa force-reload && pulseaudio -D'
OS: Linux Mint 20.1, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 3224f34

I'm having the same issue. The static carries on to any other audio on my computer. I've tried a variety of things, but it makes musescore completely unusable. It also bricks the program so that you can't do any note input or playback. Usually results in a freeze and reboot of the computer.

This happens to me everytime I open Musescore and the only temporal solution i found was to run the troubleshooting for output sound from the sound settings of my computer (Lenovo Notebook).
- Open the sound settings
- Clic "troubleshoot" for output sound
- Choose output device
- It is not necessary to open audio enhancements
- Finally, the trouble shooting will find and automatically solve a sound problem

Sometimes I have to repeat this step everytime I restart my computer. Hope this works for everybody having the same problem

In, someone found that reinstalling FL Studio helped(*), after I helped them to find out that the static noise also occurred when simply playing a MIDI file via WMP <- so that's a test that should be made to maybe find a culprit.

(*) ... which reminds me of the famous story of 11-year old Richard Feynman, when a neighbor came over and said that when switching his radio on, it would always make a roaring static sound on the speakers. On thinking a little how that (old) radio worked, little Richard concluded that it had to do with the heating sequence of the amplifier tubes; by exchanging two of them, the static was gone (see Feynman's memoirs, somewhere on the first few pages). - - - - So maybe this is a solution idea? ... namely that the order of installing softwares leads to changed sequences of who connects and send what to whom, and thus reinstalling something "solves" the problem ... ... ... or maybe not ;-)


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