Palette search command (shortcut) not engaging when palette is floating

• Nov 23, 2019 - 00:42
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1) Float the palette frame/window/whatever-you-call-it
2) Notice that the [palette search] shortcut does not engage the searching text-box.


Anyone have any leads about this?

I got a partial working version with the floating window by using QApplication::setActiveWindow() instead of setFocus() for some weird reason on the palette, but even then, the shortcut has to be used twice in a row for it to work (doesn't make any sense...), and then there are problems with Escape not doing anything while floating (which could be fixed easily enough in handling it specifically). I'd imagine most people don't use a floating palette, and of those that do, most don't use the palette-search function through the shortcut, so this isn't of much importance, but it would be a learning experience to get it working without any problems.

Another issue is moving from floating back to docked: the search-box doesn't lose the blinking cursor in doing so and typing doesn't do anything, so that would also need to be fixed if this were attempted.

P.S., Off topic but of the palette, looking at the debugger-output, an error does occur when erasing text in the text-search, which might have something to do with my system being slow in clearing the text completely compared to 3.2.3:

libmscore/sym.cpp:Ms::ScoreFont::draw: ScoreFont::draw: invalid sym 0

Not sure if that has to do with the slow-down, but wouldn't be surprised.

Also notice that it's not just the command: clicking in the search area of the palette when floating is also not activating. In that sense, it's slightly more important to get it taken care of.

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I'm not understanding the last comment. Clicking in the palette area works fine for me, docked or not. Also, for me the palette search shortcut works fine for floating palette if it's already visible. If not, results are erratic.

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On my Linux machine, the search box itself doesn't gain active (blinking text-cursor) focus when clicked while the palette dock window is floating. I can confirm that in Windows it's working fine. Maybe it's some discrepancy with how Qt interacts between the two systems?

In Linux Mint and also with Windows, I'm still not getting the palette search command via shortcut to activate the search text-box when the palette is floating.

Also of importance, both systems show no response to Escape key when the palette is floating while the search text-box is blinking (after clicking into it), instead of sending focus back to the main score area.

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Hello. I was wondering if this could be looked at again, and a fix provided? Many of the Notation Express shortcuts rely on activating the palette search box, and currently this only works if the palette is docked.

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P.S. This should be fixed for the most part due to (which is merged in 3.x currently in alpha/beta) and which fixes up some focus clashing with dialog boxes to be merged.

1) Palette searching while floating works now (if there's still an issue, I think, as dmitrio95 mentioned, it might be related to Qt itself: if there's a problem, try triggering search command twice)

2) Palette searching can now accept [escape key] to bring focus back to the score while floating (which it didn't before).

Hope this helps.