Accent Above Ornament is Moving Upward on Each Note

• Nov 22, 2019 - 05:32

This is a problem that I originally reported in MuseScore 3.0, but I'm still finding it to happen even now with 3.3.
Originally, #285370: Articulations too far from some beamed notes on drum staves was the project issue link, but it was automatically closed after two weeks. It said that this was fixed in 3.0.5.
I've uploaded a picture of it happening in 3.3.
I chose Claves for this example, but I still see it in other drum staves as well.

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This isn't really a bug, it is autoplce kicking on a measure that is too narrow to have those without collisions, si is an entirely different issue. Apply more stretch to that measure and that 'staircase' effect will go away.
It is questionable though whether it'sd be be better to restart that autoplace, so every 2nd is low again and that way also avoid collisions

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Is there a way to easily restart that auto-place? For some pieces of drumline music, the "readability" is better to have a few measures scrunched up, but the staircase affect comes into place because it doesn't like that. Disabling auto-place makes the accents go into the staff, and it's tedious to have to type in vertical spacing for a whole piece worth of music.

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If this is an isolated case (one group of 4 16ths for example) the best way would be to select the measure and press } a few times to make the measure wider. If this causes a measure to fall off the end to the next system, select the measure after you pressed } then shift+click the measure that went down to the next systems and press { a few times to make all of them a little narrower. If after 10 times press { doesn't work, try this on the measures before the one where you pressed } and see if this works. If none of this puts all of the measures back on the same system you need to just live with the new layout that doesn't have the stacked accents. There are other things you could do, but I consider them extreme and most will affect the entire score and may make it too small.

One additional note on the picture you attached. It looks like it's followed by empty measures probably to the end of the line. Don't worry about the stacked accents until at least the entire line is filled with music, it will probably work itself out automatically. My above suggestions are based upon the entire staff having note already entered. You will mess up MuseScore's automatic formatting if you do it with empty measures then add notes to them.

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