"key to barline distance" parameter has no effect

• Nov 21, 2019 - 19:15
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Insert a clef change right before a bar line
In Format>Style>Bar> chenge in parameter "key to barline distance" has no effect in score


? Clef or key? Clef to barline distance works normally for me to affect the space between clef and barine. Key change normally appear after a barline. Can you post a sample score?

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Sorry, I think I have then two issues here.

Issue #1:
The parameter that in the English translation is named "Key to barline distance" is the fourth starting from the bottom in the Format>Style>Measure window (see picture below)


I find that this parameter has no effect on any key change: to which barline it refers ?

Issue #2
In the italian translation, the same parameter "Key to barline distance" is wrongly translated as "Distanza chiave - stanghetta" (see picture below), which is not correct.
It should be "Distanza armatura - stanghetta".
And, also in this case, it has no effect on any key change...


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I agree. The proper term in English is Key signature, but English speakers understand Key in this context refers to the Key signature. I suspect that led to confusion when this was translated to Italian. Increasing this setting does not seem to have any affect.

Ah, key to barline rather than barline to key. I didn't realize the importance of the order of the words. Is there some setting I'm missing that adjusts the space between barline and key?

"Key signature left margin".

The naming of these options is a hodge-podge of inconsistent wording that has to do with the fact that there were added at different times by different people, then sometimes had their meaning changes, or single options split into two or two combined into one, etc. Some day when we don't mind having a lot of translation changes, we could go through and try to improve the naming.

I'm all in favor of graphics, but it wouldn't eliminate the need for text (and the accompanying translation), it's better for documentation and support (we can tell people in words which setting does what) and absolutely necessary for accessibility. But it could potentially be displayed in a tooltip.

Same idea applies to the settings in Format / Style / Page, BTW.