please help! musescore file corrupted and I can't fix it!

• Nov 15, 2019 - 05:13

Musescore crashed and now my file is corrupted and keeps crashing musescore within a few minutes. I tried using view details and fixing the errors with measure lengths (ie, some were like 12/8 or something) but in the measure inspector it just said 4/4. This is very time sensitive!


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When you open the score it lists the problem measures, they are all in the flute. I suggest that you just delete and reenter these measures. I'm not sure how you got one amount of beats in one voice and another in the other voice, but that is your problem in the measures I checked.

Sorry but could anyone take a look at this score of mine. It's corrupted, and the error message says is pretty much that in some of the measures, Flute voice 1 has wrong total measure duration, e.g. 10 eighth notes in a bar of 4/4. The problem is, every time I try to fix this, for some reason Musescore traces back to the previous version before I fixed the measure every time I open the file, even though I have fixed and then saved.

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The measures that are "corrupt" when I select "show details" are measures I haven't gotten to yet. Can someone tell me how to fix the corruption or fix the file for me? I cant edit the parts or move them to a new file to save them because the file crashes every time.

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See the article references in the very first response in this thread - It explains how to fix corruptions. However, this file is pretty badly damaged. Do you have any insight into what caused this? There are extra beats in almost every measure, and a missing time signature in the top staff. But, I think the issing time signature is key - it's probably what is making the other staves think they need an etxra beat.

I edited your file by hand to add what I assume is a missing 3/4/ to the first staff, and now it doens't say it's corrupt any more. i have no idea if the reuslt is correct, but hopefully it gives you a better starting point.

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