Difficulty with Multiple Endings on D.S.

• Nov 12, 2019 - 16:35

The attached score illustrates the repeat options and D.S. instructions from a section in Strauss's Wiener Blut; a few measures that illustrate the flow in the original. The first section which does not playback properly is how Strauss wrote the music. The second section plays back in the manner I believe is implied in the original. There is no repeat in the opening measures and sections are marked with double bar lines. These are where repeats bar lines would be placed if there were repeats. Following a suggestion by Mr. Z. Demircan in response to another posting, I isolated the second ending (the volta labeled Schluss) and moved it to the end of the section and created a Coda mark. I removed both Voltas, and created a To Coda on the measure preceding the two voltas. The D.S. al Fine was replaced with a D.S al Coda. The measure under Volta 1 became the measure after the To Coda. In this manner the initial pass plays correctly and when the D.S pass is played the measures leading up to the Voltas are played and then the measure after the Coda (previously under Volta Schluss) is played and the section terminates properly. The fine mark is not required but retained for comparrison. If anyone can figure out how to configure the jump options to work with the original configuration, please post your response. One issue is that if you could create a repeat with a repeat count of 1 that still handled D.S. playback (with repeats not played) that can find the second volta, it would work but the second volta is not played back as the final repeat when repeat count is 1. This I tested.

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The editor did a number on that piece with non-standard notations. I understand what is meant, but MuseScore doesn't. Without a lot of duplicate (manually expanding jumps) notations, you won't get proper playback. Voltas just don't respond to jumps and that's what would be needed for this to playback properly.

If I were to put this into MuseScore I would notate it as is in the source and live with the playback, but that's just me.

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What I was saying is the score I copied had no repeats. I attemtped to see what would happen if you used a single repeat bar with two endings but set the repeat count at 1. The first pass skips the second ending but you cannot get the D.S. pass to do what it would do with a more standard 2 repeat (no not play repeats) configuration where the last repeat would be the fine. But your method with To Coda worked well.

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I understand that MuseScore won't PLAY first/second endings correctly if there isn't a repeat bar, but the usage without repeat bars that msokol showed is quite common in published music, so PLEASE don't ever change MuseScore to REQUIRE the repeat bars!

The common case is where there are multiple verses, each with different music, and a refrain repeated before, between, and after verses. I see them in the Gloria of Mass settings, or for Psalms. The refrain has two or more voltas, with text to the effect "to verses 1,2", "to verse 3", "final"; and each verse ends with a D.S. to the refrain.

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