Artificial harmonics

• Nov 12, 2019 - 03:31

Is there a way to notate artificial harmonics? This requires a notehead (the first finger plays this) plus the diamond shaped notehead above it (where the 4th finger is placed lightly). I have found only the diamond head replacement and I do not want to replace the regular notehead with the diamond. I would like to add it above it. See image.

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I normally notate this as a chord. I then select the top note (or several top notes using ctrl+click to add notes to the selection) and change the note heads to diamonds in the inspector. Head Group allows you to select diamond heads. If you want it hollow in spite of it being a closed notehead, change the Head type to half note. This only works for playback as you probably know.

For playback, I select all of these notes (both types) and set the to not play in the inspector. I then put the sounding pitches into voice 3 and make all of voice 3 invisible. I use voice 3 because it's easier to see the stems since they're all pointed the same way. This of course makes the pitch correct, but the sound isn't the same as a real harmonic note. Press F6 for the filter selector so you can deselect voice 1 and therefore only select voice 3 to make it invisible all at once.

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