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• Nov 11, 2019 - 19:50

In my latest upload of Isaiah 12, the placement of the lyrics is helter skelter. I used the inspector to adjust them to some extent, but I found the moving from 3.0 to 1.0 quite inconsistent. I originally had lyrics in two languages, Then removed the top language. Then adjusted the bottom language to 1 from 3, but it doesn't line up any more with ctrl-L and sometimes the continuation (space when entering lyrics) goes to the 'wrong' line. It is not bad when exporting to PDF so I didn't notice it. But the inconsistency shows up clearly on playback in the 'movie' score.

I haven't figured out a small score for this for debugging - but maybe someone has come across it already.

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Is this better? Isaiah_12cong.mscz All I did was right click a lyric, chose select all similar items, and press ctrl+r to reset everything. When I did this I realized some of the words were still in verse 2. I right clicked a lyric again and chose Select>all similar elements again then in the inspector changed the verse to 3, then 1 to assure all lyrics are in verse 1.

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CTRL-R is useful. But when I do what you suggest, the lyrics revert, some to line 1 and some to line 2. That explains why there is confusion in using the offset alone. Then when I select them all again, setting the offset to 1 moves line 1 lyrics up against the notes at a -1 offset. These are already and 1 and so should not be changed. Also it appears that 1 in line 1 is not = to 1 in line 2.

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