Extracting multiple, different clef separate parts from a single score part

• Nov 11, 2019 - 12:58

When I prepare new scores for my recorder group I'll often need multiple versions of a score part. A recent example is my adaption of 'The Fairie-round' by Anthony Holborne, published in IMSLP, https://imslp.org/wiki/The_Fairie-round_(Holborne%2C_Anthony)

You'll notice that the Altus part in the full score is notated with an octave-down treble clef in the full score and with an ordinary treble clef in the separate part. What I'd like to see is

  • I extract a complete set of separate parts from the full score

  • then I change the clef in some of the separate parts without influencing the clefs of these parts in the full score. And I should be able to have multiple variants of a part with independent clefs

That's, however, not what happens. As soon as I change clef in an extracted part that's reflected in the full score as well (in MuseScore 2 as well as 3). So I need to save the separate parts needing different clefs as new MuseScore file as described in the documentation. That works fine. BUT there is a major drawback: if, not to say when, you become aware of a typo in one of these saved separate parts you have to either fix the typo twice (in the full score plus the saved part) or recreate the saved part anew from the full score, thereby losing its layout settings.

From my perspective as a retired IT-developer that's a error prone nuisance: one should maintain only one instance of a source file.

Hopefully my feature request isn't too difficult to implement.


2 different clefs are possible, 3 are not.
An instrument can get set up to not only be transposing, but also to have different clefs in concert vs. sounding pitch, and Score vs. part can use either of those settings and that way show different clefs. But, as mentioned, only 2.

If I'm understanding correctly, you can get what you want by using the Concert Pitch button. View the score with concert pitch on, the parts with it off (or vice versa, whatever serves your needs better). As mentioned above, MuseScore already manages clefs separately for concert pitch on vs. off.

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I'm most likely missing something and can't get this to work, in this case with musescore3 installed as flatpak on my Mint 18.3 laptop. I attach my musescore source file.

My procedure is

1) select the separate 'Altus' part
2) enable concert pitch
3) change clef to Treble clef 8va bassa
4) select the full score, disable concert pitch
5) select the full score, enable concert pitch

At steps 3 as well as 4 the 'Altus' clef has changed to Treble clef 8va bassa

If I change the clef of the Altus part in the full score the clef also changes in the separate 'Altus' part whether concert pitch is enabled and disabled.

What did I miss?

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An example on what I'd like musescore to do for me is my recent edition of a song, 'Upon my lap' by Martin Peerson (a contemporary of Holborne) typeset with MUP (http://www.arkkra.com/) and published in IMSLP


When you open the file 'Complete Parts' you'll notice that there are 2 versions of the 'Cantus' and 'Tenor' parts with different clefs. The 'Cantus' part notated with an ordinary treble clef is for a contralto singer while the part notated with a treble clef 8va bassa is for a treble recorder (*). The 'Tenor' part notated with a treble clef 8va bassa is for a tenor recorder while the version notated with a bass clef is for a F-bass recorder.

When I extract separate parts from a MUP score I can specify parameters like octave, clef and transposition without influencing how a full score looks like. I can define any type and number of parts (and scores for that matter) to be extracted from one single source file. I'd like to see musescore offer the same flexibility.

(*) conventions for treble recorder notation is a loong story.

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