Entering an add6 in roman numeral analysis

• Nov 8, 2019 - 22:01

I could not find a way to correctly enter an add6 to a roman numeral chord. The letters "add" don't get superscripted. There are other use cases for superscripted strings such as "sus" or "maj7" for example.

Is there a way to superscript such strings? is there an escape sequence for this?


Things like that don't normally do in RNA, only in chord symbols. But if you have some special need for superscripted characters in RNA, you can add them by pressing F2 for the Special Characters palette, then grabbing them from the Unicode section, under Superscripts and Subscripts.

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Thanks for the pointer to superscript unicode characters. I didn't think those were special characters. I will use that.

I agree that stuff like "ADD6" are not usual in RNA. But I found at least one instance of their use: In the book "Music in Theory and Practice", vol 1, page 102.

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No doubt people do all sorts of non-standard things. But because they are non-standard, there is also no standard for how exactly they should be displayed. Superscripting or not doesn't change the meaning of this text, probably half the people using this text would choose to superscript, the other half not, so no matter which way we do it, it's right for some but not for others.

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It's true Unicode doesn't define superscripted letters, that needs to be implemented by the font. And the way they define the numbers is screwy, they are out of order. That's because before Unicode standardized on the full set of numbers, only 1-3 were standardized. So they are in the Latin-1 supplement (and not in order, there either). Not MuseScore's fault, or Campania's :-).

Superscript letters need to be implemented separately, there is no general standard for it as far as I know. But if I do make it possible to use the text toolbar with RNA, then superscripting should work.

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