How to manage multi-section scores when a middle section has e.g. a DS al Fine

• Nov 8, 2019 - 17:56

A section break causes a new line and pauses briefly on playback
A large score like a Mass or an Oratorio may have many sections
so if an inner section has a DS or DC where do you put the section break?
e.g. section 1, with ds al fine, section break, // section 2, section break, // section 3
playback skips section 2
I would not want it at the fine because it will cause a page break and a pause in the middle on the first playback.
I can't put it at the end because it will cause a pause on the first playback.

And if I leave out the section break then the next section is skipped on playback

I had a similar issue the middle with time changes or section breaks, they always seem to add in the wrong spot. I have to add one a bar before the end of the section, move notes back a bar and so on

I wonder if sections could be more clearly separated from each other so that e.g. ctrl-b added to the current section with the properties of the last bar of the section.

Any ideas?

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Put the section break after the coda if it exists or after the d.s./d.c. if there is no coda. Don't forget to put the section break in the measure before the capa (for a d.c.) so the d.c. will go to the correct spot. If you don't want a pause, then right click the blue section break symbol and select section break properties, you can then adjust the pause as you like.

So the layout is start-segno-fine-ds/dc-coda (optional)-section break. Since you have so much control over the break properties, you should always put one at the end of each movement or section.

As for adding measures, it's a bit strange to start movement 2 before movement 1 is finished, but if you plan at all you can insert measures before the last measure of the movement/section before you put notes in it rather than at the end of it.

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Thanks, this gets around the pause in the wrong place, but it doesn't allow for a pause after the dc al fine. There is no coda that I am considering. It is not possible to put the pause in after the fine.

Plan? Who ever heard of a composer planning? Things change. Ideas don't happen in sequence.

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Who ever heard of a composer planning?

You probably know you don't have enough measures by the time you get to the final measure of a section. Inserting is really the only option.

There is no easy way to put a pause after the fine, but you can put an empty measure of whatever length you want before a new section. It's a yucky workaround but the only one I know. You can make the measure invisible in measure properties so no one will see it.

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