"Save online" doesn't work

• Nov 4, 2019 - 12:58
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It is impossible to record on line. Each time It ask for my user and my code, I make and it say "congratulation" during 0,01 second. And than it show me one more time the login... I have tried more 50.. Restart Musescore 20 x.. NOTHING !
Before sending this message, I have tried one more time with another score. . And now when I ask to record, no response.


Hi everyone,
I confirm the same problem ("File -> Save Online...", Login dialog comes up, enter credentials, some "Congratulation" page pops up and closes again immediately (to fast to be read), and the Login dialog reappears). So, no way to get past the login dialog (credentials are correct).
This is on Linux (Kubuntu 19.10, KDE Plasma 5.16.5, KDE Frameworks 5.62.0, QT 5.12.4) with musescore 3.3.2 from the AppImage (installed).

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Nope, on the KDE panel I can see the thumbnails of the open windows for musescore. I also disabled on of my two displays for test (reconsolidates windows) and rotated my desktops cube to look windows up. Nothing there besides the musescore main window and the (reappeared) login dialog. Also neither the "Present windows - All Desktops" KDE function (like Exposè on Mac) nor Alt-Tabbing shows any other dialogs (and the login dialog reappears after all, so musescore does not seem to have acknowledged the login as "done" anyway). Note that link in your response pertains to MS Windows (I am on linux). Also the corresponding issue on musescore.org (https://musescore.org/en/node/285951) still is in state "active". Should I report it there, too? Seems as this may be an on the edge issue between musescore.org and .com, but I would like to avoid to make any "unhelpful" noise.

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Addition: I now also tried to upload my song via the musescore.com web UI (https://musescore.com/upload), and that worked. Just to make sure there is nothing "invalid" about the file itself (though musescore "Save online..." does not seem to come anywhere near to uploading anything at all in the blink between closing and reopening the login dialog). I could not yet try the "switch to direct" method (https://musescore.org/en/handbook/3/share-scores-online#switch-to-direc…), as I do not get past the login dialog at all.

Addition 2: As I can perform another "Save online..." immediately after closing the (nagging) login dialog this nearly rules out that there was some other "hidden" dialog left open at that point IMHO.

I don't know. I do know that the same issue is happening: I log in, for a very short time there's a "Congratulations!" screen, then the window closes and when I reopen it, I have to log back in again, and the cycle continues.

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