Adding notes in Woodblock staff

• Nov 2, 2019 - 13:22

It is my first time doing an orchestral score in MuseScore and after I added Woodblock, I cannot enter notes on the single line given. I have now downloaded the 3.3 version. I went to the setup for percussion, entered what I wanted, and still cannot enter as I thought I could. What am I doing wrong?

Ron Hill


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I'm having a problem with this again - I used it on one last August, but somehow can't make it work this time.
Went back and read the instructions, pretty sure I'm doing what it says.
I have the note input selected and when I put the cursor in place it shows a note - with a blue box - when I click to add the note, nothing happens. Attached a screenshot. No problems adding notes to the staff above.

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There's very little we can tell from a picture, we would need the actual score to do more than guess. But my best guess is, you haven't selected which note you want to enter from the drum palette. It's also possible you are in one of the special note input modes like repitch instead of standard step time.

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